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Cristiane Salvi (aka Kika)

Scientific & Cultural Outreach

BA Journalism - PUC SP

(Concentration Gender Studies)

MA Media & Communication  -  University of Westminster - London

(Media Representations & Mental Health)

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I worked for several years as an Editor and Writer at Brazilian magazines and websites, in the fields of Mental Health and Gender Studies. I am also experienced with coordinating documentary projects for public tenders and TV pitching, having owned the entire proposal development process in two successful occasions. In the UK, I produced editorial content for an extensive marketing project on Human Rights, Arts, and Education for the British Council. What I love about my work is the possibility to connect with people from very different backgrounds and listen carefully to their stories. This way, I am able to create effective communication solutions for different audiences and channels. I believe that technique and commitment are essential, but there is no quality scientific and cultural outreach without an inexhaustible passion for continuous learning. 

Kika Salvi

Some works

"Through well-written and light chronicles, Kika reflects on the relationship between men and women, the lack of simplicity in current life and the modern rush, among other points. Journalist, columnist and screenwriter, the author says that the aim of the book was to draw an overview of modern relationships, but it went further." - Fabiana Case


"Kika is passionately committed to research, at the same time creative and objective, and above all very proactive and persuasive - she started a documentary project on her own and in less than four months had already convinced two major media companies about the relevance of the project, in addition to having been received by UNICEF in New York to present it". - Dainara Toffoli


Reviews & Recommendations

"Kika managed to write a book about relationships and sex in a passionate and shameless way, and in no time fell into vulgarity. Part of this is due to the humour of her account, and part to her sensitive and delicate narrative." - Caderno C


“As an executive producer I work with many writers and Kika has become a special partner, because as a screenwriter she also understands the production point of view very well. Kika works very seriously, quickly and carefully in everything she does. She's cultured and sensitive, and her contributions are always valuable". LA Silveira


"Journalist Kika Salvi's book is exactly like her: interesting, endowed with a mixture of courage and ingenuity, and at times amusingly brilliant. The account of life outside the newsroom will make more noise, but the best part is the newsroom's backstage. The day-to-day life of the team that edited the VIP magazine between 2001 and 2004 is portrayed there, a unique group of people who had in common a biting and audacious talent and, above all, a passion for what they did ".  

- Paulo Nogueira


" Her performance in my classes was outstanding and Kika stood out among her classmates for both her technical skills and her creative outlook on media studies.  I'm sure my fellow professors share this opinion. On informal occasions, I have heard them praise the work she has presented and her academic excellence." - Eliane Robert Moraes 


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